Asking God

Usually when I lay down at night in bed, it’s a time when my thoughts drift to God and I think about the days affairs or tomorrow’s plans which lead me to have a conversation with God in my head. I seldom pray aloud, but in my head and in my heart I quite often talk to God. I have always been a worrier. I have six children so there are many things my heart carries. They have all left home now so basically all my control is gone. Haha. I hear of issues they are facing in life and situations that seem risky, if not dangerous. They need prayer and my thirteen grandchildren need prayer; well, in reality, we all need prayer. When I lay in bed at night with no other distractions, my mind is filled with things I need to trust God for. I begin silently praying and much of what I pray for is what I’ve been praying for many years. Last night was no different. I started praying for safety, protection and hearts of repentance and salvation that I feel some of my loved ones really need. As I began the usual requests, I started wondering about my prayers and if God would accept them. Would my sin get in the way and cause God to turn from my prayer? I really screwed up today and hope He forgives me. Also, since it seems repetitive at times, would He value my concerns? He’s heard them so often, does He grow weary of the same requests, over and over?  Also, with so much going on in the world, does He see me in my bed, with tears that no one else sees? Do I matter so much to Him that He values my thoughts and does He accept my thoughts as prayers, even if not spoken aloud?  Will He answer me even when I feel alone and unworthy? I fell asleep with these thoughts going through my head and the night passed.

This morning as I was having my coffee I quickly scrolled through Facebook. It’s a habit and maybe not the best one but it’s what I do. I’m always hopeful to see something from my family.  I soon came across something that caught my eye. It was entitled, Asking God. As quickly as I scrolled by it, I immediately scrolled back up to it. It was a daily devotion from Daily Bread Ministries. I began to read it and as I did I knew God was answering my concerns with my prayers. It was exactly what I had been questioning the night before! I mean it was like word for word just what my heart was wondering and I know He was reassuring me that indeed He heard my prayers, and not only heard them, but accepted them, and yes, even my sin would not blot them out. What relief! He did hear. He does accept. And yes, He does and will answer them! AND He cares enough to let me know so I don’t have to wrestle with those thoughts any more! I included the Daily bread devotional below because I’m thinking someone else may need to read it as well. Keep praying friends, God does see you, even in the lonely and dark places. He hears the prayers of your heart and nothing can block them from the throne of Heaven. We all have an enemy (Satan) who would like us to believe otherwise.  Those doubting thoughts come from him.  Yet God, in His grace, met me right where I was and brought me the answer, the truth, which I needed to hear, one more time. If you’re heart is sincere, rest assured, God is listening and working on your behalf.  He hears your heart.  He sees your tears.  He loves you unconditionally, and His grace is greater than any sin in your life. Never stop praying because God will never stop listening. Merry Christmas and may you have a blessed new year!

Psalm 6:4–9
When my husband, Dan, was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t find the “right” way to ask God to heal him. In my limited view, other people in the world had such serious problems—war, famine, poverty, natural disasters. Then one day, during our morning prayer time, I heard my husband humbly ask, “Dear Lord, please heal my disease.”
It was such a simple but heartfelt plea that it reminded me to stop complicating every prayer request, because God perfectly hears our righteous cries for help. As David simply asked, “Turn, Lord, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love” (Psalm 6:4).
That’s what David declared during a time of spiritual confusion and despair. His exact situation isn’t explained in this psalm. His honest pleas, however, show deep desire for godly help and restoration. “I am worn out from my groaning,” he wrote (v. 6).
Yet, David didn’t let his own limits, including sin, stop him from going to God with his need. Thus, even before God answered, David was able to rejoice, “the Lord has heard my weeping. The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer” (vv. 8–9).
Despite our own confusion and uncertainty, God hears and accepts the honest pleas of His children. He’s ready to hear us, especially when we need Him most.
By: Patricia Raybon

About myjourneywithjesus2017

Hello! My name is Sheree, and this is just a little about myself.  I am a mom, grandma, sister, aunt, daughter, sister-in-law and wife.  I enjoy baking and am presently baking at a family restaurant in my hometown of about 11,000.  I enjoy the computer, writing, love animals, good coffee and have a sweet tooth that never dies!  I also am a homebody, and enjoy spending time with my family.  I have 6 children of my own, 3 step children, and  14 grandchildren. I am married to Joe, (my second marriage) and we both enjoy being outdoors on nice days.  He enjoys the woods, while I enjoy my small deck with a shade tree. Every once in a while one of the kids or grandkids will stop by to brighten my day.  My husband and I both are Green Bay Packer fans, and attend an awesome church with an awesome Senior Pastor and staff. I am interested in Bible Prophecy and love Christian music, my favorite band being Casting Crowns, though there are so many great songs out there, I could never name them all.  Music connects me to God in such a personal way, mostly because they express what my heart has felt so many times. Lastly, I’m not rich, beautiful or famous and those have never been my goals, but I have a heart for God, and I have so many instances where He has moved and worked in my life.  Some of those times, I hope to share with you.  I know Jesus lives, and I know I will go to heaven when I am called ‘home’.  I also know without a doubt that He loves you more than anyone else.  You were on His mind as He hung on the cross, because you were the reason He was there.  I am the reason He was there, and so is every person on earth the reason He was there.  I want people to know there is hope.  There is always hope.  The only time when hope is gone, is if  you ever find yourself totally separated from God, after your death.  I pray that never happens and you can be sure it doesn’t.  Your soul will be saved if you say the sinners prayer, and you mean every word.  If you are looking for love, forgiveness, peace and eternal life, you need to look no further than the cross on which Jesus died for you.  He was raised on  the 3rd day and He has an awesome future in store for all those who believe.  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Sinners prayer-  “Dear Lord, I come to you in repentance of my sin.  I believe you died for me, rose again and you live today.  Please cleanse my heart and help me to live for you.  Thank you for forgiving me.  I surrender my life to you, and receive you as my personal Lord and Savior.  Amen.”
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